Rock the Symmetry with a Pair of Rectangle Glasses

Squared off corners on the frames of glasses is one of the later developments in frame styles. Originally, rounded and oval shaped lenses were the only ones available. However, since their invention in the 1830s, rectangle glasses have always been popular among people who require eyewear to correct their vision.

Why Choose Rectangle Nerd Glasses for Daily Wear?

Tag Heuer Rectangular Glasses

Tag Heuer rectangular glasses

Large angular specs with a silver or gold metal frames is a distinguished look that has been favored by men for many years, but it is now possible to buy smaller rectangular glasses in a variety of different styles, many with a young, fresh and edgy look to them. This development has rejuvenated the style and these glasses are now much more versatile than they used to be.

Consequently, the style is now popular with men and women, young and old alike. One of the best reasons to choose squared frames is the fact that they always look fashionable, and you can select the right glasses to suit your own personal style. Glasses are increasingly a way to make a statement about yourself and your character, and with rectangular specs you can choose a look that suits you without having to worry about looking old-fashioned and out of date.

One of the very current trends in rectangle shaped glasses is ultra-narrow. This means that the lenses are relatively small, and are not as tall as the lenses in other styles. These sharp, angular glasses will give a very slick, stylish look. They should be bought in a dark, neutral color such as brown or black to capitalize on the sophisticated look. At the other end of the scale, a pair of over-sized rectangular frames made of black-colored plastic and are some of the best glasses around.

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Another fashionable way to wear rectangular glasses is to opt for a pair of thick rimmed rectangle nerd glasses. This style will give you a very contemporary and sultry look. If you want to fully embrace the style then you should choose a dark plastic frame in a color such as dark red or brown, or if you feel that you would like a less extreme look then it is possible to choose a lighter shade, or even a pattern. In this case, the shape of the frame would give a sultry impression, whereas the choice of color may suggest a fun and quirky personality.

Glasses as Expressive as You

If you have a round or oval shaped face then this pointy shape will help to balance out the soft lines of your face and create definition. The narrow style will also make your face look slimmer and longer. As a general rule, the shape of your face should contrast with the shape of your glasses, so this makes rectangular glasses a natural choice for people with softer, more circular faces.

If you have a heart shaped face, then squared specs again may be a good option for you. People with heart shaped faces tend to have a wide forehead and a smaller, narrower chin and a pair of relatively large rectangular glasses can nicely balance out this uneven face shape.

If you have an oval face then there are many options open to you regarding eyewear. Oval is a relatively neutral shape and so it is quite easy to pull off many different styles. People with oval faces can experiment with narrow rectangular shape, or wider larger frames of the same silhouette. However, even if you have a naturally very sharp face with well-defined cheekbones or an angular jawbone, it is possible to buy rectangular looking glasses that will nevertheless flatter your face.

There are many styles of rectangular specs for sale which are slightly rounded at the corners, and this detracts from the sharp appearance. The lens therefore may be squared in shape, but the frame has softer lines around the corners which takes a lot of sharpness away from the overall look of the frame. This means that people with angular faces can also pull off the style of wearing rectangular glasses as well as adding in some softer lines to balance out their sharply lined face.

The Glasses for All-Rounder

Ray Ban RX5206 glassesThe shape of the rectangle glasses means that they are very versatile and they are commonly used for many different types of glasses. Firstly, they can be adapted into reading eyewear. If a narrow lens is used then it is possible to look over the top of the lens when viewing something in the distance, then look downwards to read something. Furthermore, sunglasses and prescription glasses are commonly found in rectangle shapes.

From a practical point of view, rectangle glasses can be much shorter in height than other prescription glasses of different shapes, so if you choose a pair of those to correct your eyesight then you may find your field of vision is slightly smaller than other styles you are used to. However, once your eyes have adjusted to this change then there will be no negative effect on your eyesight.

Rectangle glasses are a stylish answer to your vision needs. They can be elegant, classic, fun, quirky or anything in between. Happy eyewear hunting!