Unique Costume Ideas for Your Nerd Themed Party

Classic Nerd CostumeCostume parties: they always seem like such a great idea — everyone you know getting together and donning silly garb, anything to feel a little less normal. But when you get down to it, making that age-old costume decision for your nerd themed party can be frustrating, if not just downright disheartening in this time of supposed whimsy and fun.

Making your homemade costume from things you have around your house, however, can save you in the nick of time. Dressing like the classic nerd is hilarious and can help you with an easy dialogue of nerd jokes: pushing your glasses up your nose, pulling at your suspenders, and spitting out Star Trek references. You’ll be a hit. But how exactly do you get there?

Let’s break down a few different “brands” of nerd style to get you started.

The Classic School Nerdy Look for Ladies

Remember the kid in the front of the classroom, the one with his hand in the air? The one you wanted in your group project; maybe the one you didn’t want at your lunch table. Take on his silly look this costume party. The classic nerd has got the most generic look: therefore, you can go many different directions with your costume.

Classic Girl Nerd CostumeWhen honing her class nerd look, a girl must start at the top: with the pig tails of course! A slick head of hair is required — something a little more “oily”. Part your hair evenly down the center and divide it into two sections. Place your pigtails wherever you like, but higher is better, more whimsical. The short-haired woman can peg two little pigtails at the nape of her neck on both sides. You can pair this look with outrageous bows if you want to push it a little.

The outfit is simple, as well. Find yourself a high-waisted skirt or pants: anything you can pull up over your naval comfortably. A checkered pattern is always a winner, something a little garish and grandmotherly. The skirts can come up a little over your knees if you want to flash a little leg — be sure to pair this look with high white socks and Mary Jane shoes. The pants should be a little too short — think of the classic “flood” pants. You can imitate this by rolling them up a little.

Both pants and skirts warrant a white button-up and mismatched buttoning for a scattered nerd look. Stretch a bow tie around your neck and don’t forget a pair of suspenders to complete the outfit. A sexy nerd might not want to tuck the shirt in, allowing it to tie beneath the ribs and peek out some midriff.

And don’t forget those nerd-chic glasses. Tack some tape in the center — or perhaps a clever Band-Aid. Remember the glasses should be thick-rimmed. If you have your own pair for every day fashion ware, take heed: you might be better off opting for contacts and punching out the cheap glasses frames. It is, after all, a party. Anything can happen!

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Ideas for Boys: Nerd, Harry Potter or Waldo

The boy’s classic nerd look is incredibly similar. The hair should be slick to appear oily: try parting it in the immediate center and combing it to both sides. A side part with a sleek combed-through look is pretty nerdy as well. High-waisted pants are a must, as are your suspenders and bow tie. Opt for a white, blue, or checkered shirt with a pocket to feature a classic pocket-protector. You don’t want your pens to explode all over your nice school shirt! Top it off with the black nerd glasses — not the ones you wear to work every day. To top up your look, make sure you bring a few books with you.

Where Is Waldo CostumeIf you want to bring out the specific, fantasy nerd in you for this costume party, look no further than your man Harry Potter. Harry never leaves the common room for a party without his long black cloak, his wand, or his Gryffindor gold and red tie. Find a cheap pair of cheesy round glasses and pop out the frames — classic Harry. And make sure you round the nosepiece with copious tape. Harry was always breaking his glasses despite his magical powers! Best of all — this look applies to both girls and boys.

The Waldo Nerd at the party is sure to bring out a hilarious edge. Opt for any darker-hued jeans you have in your closet and find a red and white striped long-sleeved t-shirt or sweater. Find a similar knit hat and a Harry Potter-esque pair of round glasses (sans the tape). And don’t forget Waldo’s classic old man cane he wandered around with. You will be the talk of the party. Where’s Waldo! will be a classic after-party picture viewing game. Make sure to pop into the back of every snapped photo with a goofy smile!