Nerd Glasses: Not Just For Brainiacs

Nerd glasses have been making a fashion statement ever since the emo-grunge trend hit the fashion scene all around the world, booming in the 60s, gaining momentum into the 70s and beyond because people are so interested in everything vintage and retro.

Sporting nerdy frames is in and fashionistas flock to the shops looking for a pair that’s just right! We have shortlisted the classic trio that offers a perfect combination of style and personality!

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You may still remember that people wearing old school glasses were considered to be highly competitive in math’s, sciences or languages and were thought of as nerds, geeks or brainiacs.

However, that’s all changed since the fashion industry and the entire technology world transformed the way we see nerds and their contribution to our society. The geek of 21st century is no longer a shameful outsider. And hence, wearing geek glasses can say “I’m smart and fashionable” without much effort at all really.

What are Nerd Glasses Frames?

Cutie Pie Nerd

Photo Credit: concreteframes

What’s your impression of how nerdy eyewear looks? It’s more than just thick black frames that define glasses as nerdy, in fact, their features or style can vary for a variety of reasons. For example, a pair of frames can be considered nerdy when it has:

  • A thick, dark colored frame made of plastic, horn, tortoiseshell or metal;
  • Can be semi-rimless, have roundish or other shapes;
  • Have a smart and stylish look.

Nerd frames are great to wear, whether or not you have vision problems. They even come in various forms to accentuate the size or shape of your face, and can accommodate prescription lenses. So wearing glasses not only has the benefits of helping to correct vision where needed but can also make you look good at the same time, now isn’t that great!

The variety of spectacles available on the market is actually quite impressive. They can be made from animal horns and tortoise shells, the most common shapes are round and rectangle which resemble the horn rimmed glasses previously associated with high fashion and look very elegant. Unfortunately their heavy weight made them quite uncomfortable to wear. These days however, fiber and plastic are more lightweight and have become the mainstream material for frames.

What Are Nerd Glasses

Photo Credit: Zoë Biggs

Nerdy eyewear does not just come in black anymore either. In fact, there are many attractive colors and patterns that have made it into today’s fashion scene. Multi-colored geeky specs, for example, are a huge hit among the younger generation. Obviously, the presence of online specialty stores has made it easier to own a pair of glasses that can match your everyday outfits as well.

Observation and research of today’s fashion trends is strong evidence that geeky specs don’t intend to fade away anytime soon. Gaining momentum, nerd eyewear is expanding rapidly into the celebrity world, so what are you waiting for?

Why Do People Love Geek Glasses?

It might be because of the intelligence factor since wearing a pair of spectacles screams “smart”, in addition to being diligent and trustworthy. They can reflect your personality in such a great way as well, so people can formulate their own view about you when they see them.

Let’s face it, people will always form opinions based on your appearance whether you like it or not. Well, when you dress appropriately and wear glasses, it will show that you are credible. Sometimes, it might even gain the trust and confidence of people around you whether or not you’re wearing prescription lenses. Wearing stylish geek eyewear also allows you to stand out from the crowd which is a fashion strategy insiders know too well. It also speaks highly of your personal style.

Wearing nerd glasses has become one of the hottest trends around the world and genuine geeks will definitely continue to wear them. Even back in the day, the nerdy look had nothing to do with being a geek. Some people just enjoyed the feeling of looking smart and fashionable, being asked for the opinion or impartial advice on certain matters.

Hipster Style and Its Influence on the Geek Eyewear Trend

London Hipster Wearing Browline Glasses

Photo Courtesy of Jenny Kozlow

Through the 1990s and 2000s, a new generation of young people called hipsters came along with glamour. The emptiness of reality prompted them to join art-house cinema and theaters.

Other interests of these urban youngsters also included elite foreign culture and art, fashion, alternative music and indie rock. Hipsters basically lived in their own world, establishing a variety of groups and clubs where people could create a unique atmosphere to work and just discuss various cultural events.

Hipsters wanted to look stylish also, however contrary to popular hip-hop, rap and R’n’B styles, they rejected fake popularity. Their clothing styles became similar to the British intellectuals of the 60s and 70s and as a result, the modern hipster became a walking cult of everything vintage from grandma jumpers to sneakers. They usually didn’t go after expensive brands either because they didn’t deem fashion to be as important as their taste in music.

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Price* $$$$$$$$$
* $ = under $10, $$ = $10 to $40, $$$ = $40 to $100

One mandatory attribute of the modern hipster are thick frame vintage glasses. The glass itself can be simple and with no optical power. The primary goal would be to look smarter and more confident. Such hipster glasses are believed to be a really cool accessory by many people around the globe. They may be even cooler than frames without any lenses at all actually.

The nerd frames cult saw yet another rebirth in the fashion world after being worn by the famous fictional character Edward Cullen in the Vampire movie series Twilight. Iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarers became the dominant style of eyewear in hipster subculture. A Facebook fan page for Wayfarers has nearly 500,000 likes as of June 2013.

Why Do You Need Geeky Glasses?

Geeky Glasses

Photo Credit: Krystian Olszanski

Various people have different needs, which reflect on the way that they choose eyewear.

Correcting vision is the obvious reason people wear specs but anyone even casually interested in fashion will use non prescription glasses as an accessory to accentuate a particular look they want, highlight their features and a host of other reasons. There are also vintage spectacles with clear lenses that are much cheaper when compared to eyewear with specific lens grade for example.

As another example, retro styled glasses can be fitted with a prescription lens for the purpose of reading or long-sightedness enabling the wearer to change their appearance and make a difference to their look.

Prescription nerd eyewear can make just the right fashion statement while providing a clear vision and flattering the shape of your face with the right frame.

You can even have sun protection and vision gear in one by choosing transition glasses if you wish. This type of lens has a built-in feature that changes color from clear to tinted when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Because of this ability you can use this type of lens both indoors at work and outdoors in the bright sunlight.

So as you can see, nerdy specs are a great fashion statement with real benefits and definitely worth a try if just for a change or to upgrade your appearance for the better.

How to Wear Geeky Eyewear?

How To Wear Nerd Glasses

Wearing nerd glasses
Photo Credit: San Sharma

Glasses are not just for correcting vision, but also for accentuating and flattering the shape of your face.

When dressing up, you would typically want an outfit to coordinate with your chosen pair of spectacles. Something more classic would definitely last much longer when it comes to nerd glasses. If you try to follow fashion trends, you may find it expensive, especially after the trend fades and you are forced to buy another pair as a replacement. Black frame glasses have always made their own statements in fashion and have earned the right to be timeless.

You can wear nerdy specs for a long time and even wear them to add details to an otherwise boring ensemble. Keep it clean and simple and you can easily face the world with confidence.

Where to Buy Nerdy Glasses From?

If you are interested in buying geek or hipster glasses, there are many options to choose from including:

  • Check manufacturer websites for the latest collections by Ray Ban, Tom Ford, Warby Parker or other favorite brands;
  • Amazon has good reviews on different manufacturers and models, so research and prepare yourself with information well in advance;
  • You can often find retro glasses with or without lenses at local flea markets selling at bargain prices also;
  • Online optical shops now offer customized prescription glasses and they arrange free shipping on your order, as well.

The greatest benefit of buying nerd glasses online is that many stores have virtual try-on systems where you simply upload a photo then try on your favorite dorky glasses to see how they will look on your face, all from the comfort of your home zone. If you need further assistance, you can also ask certified opticians to guide you through the process of picking your stylish geek eyewear.

So as you can see, the nerdy look has lasted the test of time and is here to stay!

Be yourself and get framed now!