Wear It Like No One Else: Hipster Fashion at Its Finest

Hipster with Beard

Photo Courtesy of Marc Oeder

Hipster fashion is calling to you from your wayward journey through the consumerism-stocked mall hallways. You’re choking on Abercrombie & Fitch thick-cologne-smell, and you’re dying in the lack of individuality of the fashion world surrounding you.

Sure, you’ve heard of the thick-glasses trend. And you’ve noticed some quirks in your surroundings: was that guy at the coffee shop really strapped in some suspenders? But you’re aching for something different. And, at its core, hipster fashion takes on several different ideas — with the natural, individual twist you’ll add to them.

Because fashion is no longer a team-game, you will no longer find yourself in the same sweater everyone else swept up at the Gap during sale season. Your clothes will be uniquely yours. Your fashion will scream your name only!

Where to Begin Your Hipster Fashion Renewal?

As you step away from the malls, it’s best to continue your label research. Familiarize yourself with a different group of brands: Vans, Brandy Melville, Free People, Urban Outfitters, and, of course, American Apparel. But try to avoid your natural course: don’t just randomly flock to the various stores.

Hipster style isn’t about supporting consumerism. It’s about making conscious purchases that benefit both your style and the world. Try buying local — several of your surrounding independent boutiques probably stock their shelves with the trendy wear. And your local second-hand shops are sure to hold some gems.

Do you remember reading “Little House on the Prairie”?  Do you know what your granddad used to wear by the fire winter after winter, tucking in beef stew and putting his feet up after a hard day in the world? Flannel. The answer for our Prairie friends and your granddad was always flannel. And it can be your style answer, too!

But try to execute flannel intelligently; don’t seek a mannish, overly-large design (even if you’re a man). Try to look for something fitted. It should fit smoothly at your shoulders and highlight the make of your arms. Try leaving a little skin bared at your chest, a few buttons undone. But don’t leave your shirttails in the wind.

Flannel ShirtOh, it’s sloppy, and hipster style is so often anti-slop. Tuck those puppies into some high-waist pants or a high-waist skirt. That way, you’ll sort of class up the old, flannel look. You’ve individualized it and also pegged yourself as a hipster.

Continuing along your granddad’s wardrobe habits, you’ll probably learn he wore some sort of hat: for driving, for formal occasions. And you should, too, just to proclaim your hipster-ism. Look to the classic wide-brimmed hat. It’s best paired with a sort of loud outfit — the hat should be black, solid. Atop your head, it will make a curious statement without any sort of patterns or colors.

Facing the Most Important Hipster Accessory

Continuing down your face, think again to the classic Buddy Holly and his favorite frames. But try not to over-do: they are loud, overzealous. And underneath a broad hat and atop a glaring flannel outfit, they would be screaming “hipster” from even the quietest roof of Brooklyn.

Your hipster glasses should come out of the case for special occasions. When you find yourself dressed up — and, in most cases, dressed up means a simplistic wardrobe — usually one color. The hipster frames allow you to bring your individualism to any occasion, sure. But they don’t overwhelm your outfit when the rest of you is simple and chic.

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Stay Warm, Stay Cosy: Sweaters Are Not Just for Christmas

Grandpa and Grandma sweater time! You remember the ugly, baggy sweaters they don. Make one of these your own — the more patterned and garish, the better. But, if female, try to make sure the sweater can push toward your knees: allow it to be a sweater-dress!

It’s best worn ironically with your finest pumps. Highlight your legs, your body, with this questionable sweater. You’ll be getting wow comments all day long. Best of all — you’ll be renewing old clothes and staying world-conscious. Win!

When looking to further your hipster-dome, guys, look to the chiseled cheeks of your forbears: your grandpa, probably. Full out your beard. Make yourself a little outdoor-rugged — a little nineteenth century up there. The trick is to allow the juxtaposition of a crazy, straggly beard with fine, fitted clothes. This will seal your hipster look.

Classic Toms Slip On ShoesAnd ladies: remember that while June Cleaver evoked negative-feminism, you can still dress like her and create a fashion-forward hipster style. Try some patterns: floral works excellently and comes in such a wide variety, it will be difficult to duplicate.

Hope for a dress that buttons at the chest: button all the way to the top for this look. And pair the dress with footwear that held no realm in June Cleaver’s era. Opt for some kitchy slip on shoes — anything to make the look a little more playful.

Remember: hipster fashion is all about individuality. It’s all about being world conscious and executing a ban on consumerism. Push yourself to find your own top brand: it won’t be like everyone else’s label. And it’ll hold just a taste of your own style, of your forbear’s wardrobe. Keep the past alive and in the sun!