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Hey everyone and thanks for visiting Nerd Glasses Fashion blog! We are neither geeks nor the eyeglasses wearers, we are just a group of people interested in fashion! Believe it or not, but a nice pair of glasses can give you much more than just a new style. In fact, it can change your life! No laugh here – we will prove this statement as we go further!

Why nerd glasses in particular? Well, those are just cool, don’t you think so? Thick frames can express your personality in many ways, be you a fashion designer, scientist or random office bloke. There is no secret that we can rather choose laser eye surgery or invisible contact lenses in order not to be bothered with that chunky plastic staff on our faces, however majority still opt for glasses. With huge amount of new materials and designer solutions, you can still create smart business look while being stylish at the same time.

These days with fast technology changes we are more and more forced to buy mass produced goods. As a result, there is just a little difference between us – consumers. The popularity of everything vintage is not just the desire to be different, but a wish to move back to those quality goods produced in the past. I bet you would rather wear your granddad’s Ray Ban specs than its poor copy!

As we have mentioned before, our team members have generally got a good sight vision, but it doesn’t stop us from wearing nerd glasses and should not prevent you either! This resource has been created to help thousands of people choose their own pair of geeky specs in order to create that stunning look they deserve!

We have been forever looking for information on nerd glasses, materials they have made from, frames and brands, but at the end we found ourselves quite overloaded with the data. This is how the idea of Nerd Glasses Fashion blog was born, where we try to systemize everything that comes to hand. Here we will introduce you the latest eyewear fashion trends and give you some generally good staff. This is all to hear something like “I have finally found what I have been looking for!” from you!

Just stay connected and let us do the rest!