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The eyewear fashion community is a tight brotherhood of people who think of glasses as more than just a way to correct their vision — for them, it’s an essential part of personal style. And there are so many fantastic eyewear websites on top labels, designers, fashion and trending frames, that we felt obliged to introduce some of them to you! Please welcome our favorites.

The SpectacledThe Spectacled

Running by two friends, Tim and Phil, The Spectacled is a blog with a focus on stylish eyewear. What we love is the unique content and the photos of real people incorporating glasses into their personal style. There is a lot of juicy information for everyone: fashion designer or optometrist – you name it! You can quickly browse through their Designers page to pick up the eyewear you like followed by a short description of the proud owner of the frames in question.
Gafa VintageGafa Vintage

We could not just overpass the colorful design of this online eyewear store with the funky characters created by talented illustrator Aida Miranda. Those of you who love vintage glasses will appreciate the way the items are being organised: you can simply choose the decade and you will be directed to the frames of that era. All items are coming from vintage glasses collectors and the brands themselves, and brought to you in perfect conditions.
Eyewear MagazineEyewear Magazine

The name “Eyewear Magazine” speaks for itself. The online version of their printed edition will guide you through recent trends in the eyewear fashion world and introduce the leading designers pretty much the same way we do it on NerdGlassesFashion. With the fashion trends rapid changes and new eyewear designers being introduced every other week, you don’t really need their subscription to printed magazine since it is published 3 times a year only!

What gives Eyestylist the competitive advantage is the team of professional journalists who have been specializing in eyewear fashion for many years. Together they have created a blog that brings independent reviews on the most popular labels and gives recommendations with a focus on quality and fashion trends. We particularly like their Designer of the Month page made to introduce you those great minds and hands behind your favorite frames.
Vintage Frames CompanyVintage Frames Company

Known best as a top stars eyewear consultant, the Vintage Frames Company blog is full of fresh information on top selling labels as well as iconic styles of the past. There is no secret that everything new is well-forgotten old and the company is able to provide an expert advice to the industry leading designers when it comes to vintage eyewear. The staff works closely with artists and trendsetters alike to revive styles once popular in good old days.
The Look by Clearly ContactsThe Look by Clearly Contacts

Clearly Contacts is Canada based eyewear store and the trading name of the well-known Coastal company. We absolutely enjoy reading the Trending Now section of their blog which helps us to understand the way glasses can be better incorporated into our hipster’s style. And lucky you living in Canada: the Clearly Contacts Style Ambassador Program lets you share your story in return for a free pair of designer’s eyeglasses!
Vintage Sunglasses ShopVintage Sunglasses Shop

Although devoted to sunglasses, the website is just a cool place to explore the collection of well-known and much loved jewels. This was the source for us to learn about Cazal brand (yes, we are 80s kids), so we feel that Vintage Sunglasses Shop deserves some token of appreciation! What we particularly like is their Celebrity Database, where you can spot the glasses worn by Tom Cruz in legendary “Risky Business” movie of 1982.

Run by Asa Vikstrom, the devoted optometrist from Stockholm, the Brillor blog stands out from the crowd with regular insightful updates from the world of eyewear fashion, full of hottest reviews and eye-catching photos. At the end of the day what you really want is the seasoned opinion from a front-line professional. And for those of you instagramming on the go, staying tunned with the industry updates has never been easier!