Full Speed Racing with Next Generation Eyewear from Blac

Blac Eyewear

Photo Courtesy of Blac

Strap on your nerd-chic eyewear and concentrate: the fashion race is about to begin. It’s not just any race, either. It’s the race to search the world over for the first completely adjustable carbon fiber frames: so lightweight and durable it’s a wonder your face has survived this long without them. And here they are — finally: the Blac collection, in the hands of designer Claus Bellinger in Risskov, Denmark. Voila. Innovation and hipster fashion have collided head-on. Watch out.

The Story Behind Blac Eyewear

Flash back to 1981: to the age of race car re-calibration — thirty years prior to this current eyewear adjustment. It was the year of McLaren’s carbon composite MP4-1 body. The car ditched the old, aluminium molding and opted for a woven carbon fiber and fiberglass composite, thus revolutionizing the strength, durability, and speed of the Formula 1 car.

The incredible makeup mandated an effortless awe across the globe: and inventor Claus Bellinger took his fascination and utilized it — strapped eyewear fashion in the carbon fiber and fiberglass, paired it up with some titanium and cruised into the future.

This exquisite eyewear couldn’t have come at a better time: smart, nerdy and chic have finally joined forces in the fashion world in these mid-2010s. What woman doesn’t have the geek glasses ready to pair with some high-waisted pants, a slender fit blouse? Looking smart is top of the class, at the moment: shouldn’t your glasses be the most innovative, on the fast-track of scientific passion?

Innovative Design Backed Up by Individualism

Blac Polishing

Photo Courtesy of Blac

The durability of Blac eyewear exists in its construction: it consists of four layers, the two most interior being the carbon fiber. The carbon parts wrap around the interior line of titanium that promotes slight flexibility, the possibility of bending and shaping. The outer layers are the weaving of fiberglass within the carbon fiber — creating quite a unique effect.

And just like every race car has its own personality, so too will your eye frames. The craftsmen behind Blac have formed an extraordinary bond with scientists behind carbon fiber knee joints and athletic sprint prosthesis, allowing a completely adjustable frame.

Blac is the first of its kind: it has honed the premier adjustable carbon temple — patented in the United States. Each frame boasts an individualized screw, end tip, hinge. It has done away with cheap lacquer-feel of other frames, instead promoting the intricate weaving of the carbon fiber and fiberglass.

Variety of Shapes and Forms

But the stylish four-eyed man doesn’t have to dismiss variety of frames for the sake of durability and strength. While fiber knee joints hold a person up, they exist under pant legs and skirts — they don’t live on and frame your very unique face.

Blac Bellinger

Photo Courtesy of Blac

Luckily, the Blac Denmark team has diversified and created incredible patterns. Bellinger himself said, in a 2013 interview with EyeWear Magazine, “I found out that what fits the face is one of the most important things about designing eyewear.” Generally, thicker is better, it seems, when it comes to the Blac designs. And why — in this age of science and fast cars and innovation —should we not honor our geek forefathers who brought us to this point?

The Fall 2013 collection yields a variety of colors, many of them utilitarian and nerdy — in the best way — boasting this aforementioned weaving of fiberglass and carbon fiber. None of them scream “trendy” — they will all mix and match with your outfits for years and years. Several styles administer to the new — and super old Browline design: stark “eyebrow” lines on top diminish to nearly nothing toward the bottom of the frames. Think Malcolm X or your super old college professor — but paired with a vintage dress or stark, red lipstick. Many of the colored frames are careful in their decisions: they foster coffee shades, wine, navy —everything a sophisticated woman in the eyewear market needs.

So, make like the Formula 1 cars and ditch the old, aluminium ways. These former frames are bulky in mass — holding you down. Lift your head high and race forward with the times. Science is screaming carbon fiber, fiberglass, and so is your fashion sense.