Enhance Your Feline Fierce with Cat Eye Glasses

Cat eye glasses are oval shaped and tilt upwards slightly at the outward top corners of the rims. This shape looks feline and feminine which is, not surprisingly, how they got their name. When the style first appeared it was not necessarily considered geeky, however as cat eye glasses have become vintage over the years, the style has appeared to be more and more popular with pop-culture nerds.

For Those Who Want to Get Catty

Marilyn Monroe Wearing Cat Eye Glasses

Marilyn Monroe wearing cat eye tinted glasses

The 50s and 60s of the past century were the years when cat eye specs really came to prominence. They became synonymous with the beehive hairstyle and the secretarial look. Audrey Hepburn famously wore them in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” movie. This style eventually evolved into the bug eyed glasses of the 1970s and 80s.

In the 21st century the vintage style of cat eye glasses has returned. This time around, they appeared to be very sleek and a bit more sophisticated than before, with the slick lines that keep all the sharpness of the original cat eye style, but more rounded at the bottom. Their lens shape became softer which gives this type of nerd glasses frames even more of a feminine, elegant feel.

Having said this, there is such a huge variety of frames available today that it is possible to create almost any style with a pair of cat eye glasses. Red or leopard print glasses will show up as bold and sexy, whereas floral pattern can look cute and pretty. No matter how you wear this particular frames, they always emanate sexy intelligence, as cat eye glasses have long been associated with retro secretaries and teachers.

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These specs can also be very glitzy and glamorous as they are commonly found with rhinestones embedded into them. This look is definitely quirky, vintage and bold but can look great teamed with a scarf and with hair tied up. There is also the option of choosing a less bold shape; some of the glasses available on the market today have only a slight hint of the cat eye about them and can be worn as a subtle nod to the style.

Tom Ford Nikita Cat Eye Glasses

Tom Ford “Nikita” glasses

The rounded contour with the flicked up corners will complement people with oval shaped faces very well as cat eye glasses with lend some width to the overall look. This applies to anyone who has thin features. However if you have a triangular shaped face with a wider jawline and a narrow forehead then this style should be avoided as cat eye specs will emphasize this silhouette.

People with a lot of sharp angles to their faces, for example, people who have a much defined jaw bone, may find the gentle curve along the bottom of cat eye glasses can add some soft lines. One the other hand, people who have a very round face may find that more angular style of glasses will suit them better. Cat eye specs are generally flattering as they accentuate cheekbones. The bottom rims of the frame follow the line of the cheek upwards and outwards. They also have a way of lifting the features of the whole face and brightening the eyes.

People Who Rock Cat Eye Glasses on the Red Carpet

Many famous women have made the cat eye their own style over the years, of course starting with Audrey Hepburn. Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Windsor and Mary Whitehouse have all famously worn them, as well as, Barry Humphries as Dame Edna Everage. They are commonly seen on celebrities today and are also very popular with tinted lenses and worn as sunglasses.

Unlike some other specs which originated as sunglasses and then developed into prescription eyewear, they were commonly made as prescription eyewear with clear lenses until Audrey Hepburn sported one of the first pairs of cat eye glasses then. Wearing cat eye glasses as sunglasses therefore is less retro and more currently trendy than wearing cat eye glasses with no tint to them.

Where to Buy Cat Eye Nerd Glasses From?

Tom Ford FT5189 Cat Eye GlassesIt is possible to buy cat eye style glasses from many different eyewear companies and depending on what your budget is you can choose from many different styles or shapes. Online stores like Amazon sell cat eye glasses for every single wallet. You can spend a few dollars on some unbranded glasses as well as a few hundreds on a frame made by Tom Ford, Prada, Oakley or one of the many other eyewear manufacturers.

Cat eye glasses are a great choice for anyone who wants to channel their inner sexy secretary. As well as this, they are a very flattering choice for most face styles and can be feminine and sleek as well as making a bold statement. 60’s fashion is undergoing a revival.