Salt Optics: California’s Favorite Eyewear

While it might seem strange for two former professional surfers to tap into the high-end market of eyewear, that is exactly what Salt Optics has done. In fact, its quality looks exactly what you would expect from the beach culture in Southern California.

Distilling Surfing Into Salt Optics Corporate Culture

Salt Optics Nerd Glasses

Photo Courtesy of SALT. Optics

Former Quiksilver riders Taylor Whisenand and David Rose founded Salt Optics in 2006 along with Ron Smith, their business partner. Their overall goal was to distill the laid-back surf beach lifestyle into upscale yet cool glasses. Whisenand still hesitates to call SALT. Optics a surfing brand, but he definitely acknowledges the fact that the entire surfing field has played a big role in the backstory of the company.

The truth is that the hobby of surfing, as opposed to the actual industry, is what SALT. Optics’ corporate culture is all about. Through surfing, the soul forms strong bonds and informs surfers how they live and do business. For SALT. this means building a team that is close-knit and concentrates on manufacturing top quality products with a laid-back vibe. This independent company definitely has a good vision and they keep control of their philosophy and growth at the same time, making them that much more appealing.

Frames that Withstand Your Active Lifestyle

SALT. eyewear includes various takes on understated geek-chic glasses, vintage-inspired frames and classic aviators, all of which are made by hand in Japan from Italian and Japanese acetate. They also work with various plastics manufacturers in order to come up with personalized colors for some of their designs. Thanks to hand-polishing, their glasses are always comfortable and lightweight, too.

The design process that company goes through also makes use of the active surfing lifestyle overall. After all, they want to make sure that their customers can take their glasses with them to the beach and while fishing or hiking. A lot of glasses in today’s market are made to look good, but don’t actually take durability into account. SALT. Optics does.

Salt Optics Store Window

Photo Courtesy of SALT. Optics

The company has a collection of 23 optical styles that sell in around 200 independent retailers all over the nation, all of which they have close ties with. Although their products compete on high levels, their business approach is humble overall. Their retailers basically work as their extension, after all. Unlike the surfing industry, eyewear brands don’t really sponsor cool athletes to wear their gear. What they do instead is look for good retail partners and give them exposure while helping them grow and supporting them at the same time.

Retailers happen to love how SALT. combines the upper-crust eyewear pedigree with the real beach lifestyle. Not only that, but they have a very interesting backstory and an amazing look to back them up, as well. Their best selling point, though, would probably be the fit of their glasses. The eyewear may look great and the colors may all be wearable, but it is the great fit that makes them sell so much overall.

Salt Eyewear Is All What You Need to Enhance Your Appearance

In 2009, SALT. Optics released a collection that consisted of 60 pieces of stylish eyewear and they have only grown more since then, with more understated designs to build their credibility on. SALT. always plays it smart – that’s for sure – and they never try to be like anybody else in the market, either.

Famous "Adler" Frame

Photo Courtesy of SALT. Optics

Take their Adler frame, for instance. This creative company has come up with the Adler model, which is a great design that is vintage-inspired and made with Japanese and Italian acetates like the rest of their frames. However, this frame truly embodies the iconic style of the 1950s and 1960s without compromising the style of today’s modern man in any way.

Of course, it helps that the founders are people who have spent years working for different eyewear manufacturers, so they know exactly what they are doing. Add that to more than three decades of experience on designing and developing eyewear products, building brands and servicing customers; and it isn’t any wonder why their expertise and knowledge have brought about such a fresh eyewear brand that provides premium products and great personal service as a whole. SALT. Optics is definitely the perfect eyewear for fashionable people who are looking for good technology and sophisticated and smart designs at the same time.