Round Glasses: From Cardinal Hugh to Harry Potter

We have always been surrounded by everything round! Just think a minute… the eyes we look through to the world around us, the sun and the moon in the sky. There is something special about the shape itself: one is having no sides so that most people find it universal, complete, intelligent, and symbolic at the same time. And as eyeglasses go, it must have been the most appropriate shape for an invention too.

From the first round monocle lenses to the present round glasses, from being functional to a being stylish and unique, round specs are here to stay!

Going Back to the History of Round Glasses

Portrait of the Dominican Cardinal Wearing Glasses

Portrait of the Dominican Cardinal painted by Tomaso da Modena in 1352

Round specs have been presented for a long time, ever since the ability to manufacture them was discovered in the early 13th century. One of the reasons why round eyeglasses have been identified with the image of being learned, literate and intellectual is because they were commonly used by those with the most need for them – monks. Back in the good old days, reading and writing manuscripts were their daily tasks.

The earliest visual record of not just glasses but round ones can be found in the portrait of Cardinal Hugh of Saint-Cher (1352) created by Tommaso da Modena. Since then, more and more people have found eyeglasses very useful both for reading and writing. The preference for round shape was not just dictated by the fashion, but more by the functionality and the practical ease in making round lenses. Don’t forget and respect to the technology of those days when compared to our present capabilities.

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Later on the world of fashion found a place for eyeglasses as not merely for function but also for form and style. Coupled with the ability to commercially manufacture other shapes, the round eyeglasses took a backstage, paving the way for other new styles. Yet despite the changes, round specs have never been out of fashion, their identity as a sign of intellectual circles have been generally assumed and accepted.

Rock Your Look with a Pair of Round Nerd Glasses

Round Glasses of John Lennon

Famous glasses of John Lennon
Photo Credit: Steve

Round specs were highly popular accessory in the 60s and 70s. However, they remain trendy even in present days – thanks to the influence created by John Lennon glasses that remains quite strong as it was decades ago! People will always be attracted by iconic simplicity in function and form of the round shape model.

Given the soft curve of round eyeglasses, they find a perfect fit with those who have square faces, contrasting and thus highlighting the straight outlines. You can play with the shape of the bridge too: straight one rather than curved and you can get a totally different look! Try to find a right balance between the size of you face and the frame’s diameter.

Another challenge is to match eyeframe to your skin tone and the color of your eyes and hair. Generally speaking, all of us have either cool (blue) or warm (yellow) skin undertone. One suggestion is, if you want to reinforce your natural look, go for colored frames that are similar to your own “palette”. Choosing a contrasting tone creates more dramatic effect. Some examples of warm colors are: gold, coral, peach and warm blue. For cool coloring, check frames that are black, silver, pink or jade.

Round eyeglasses project a wide variety of images for its owners: elegant, classy and intellectual, not to mention being geeky, hip and retro, among others! For this reason, round eyeglasses is the choice for many fashionistas, and will continue to rock the stage for many years to come.

Shopping Tips: Know Your Seller

Ray-Ban Phantos GlassesRound nerd glasses are not that easy to find these days! However you can always explore Amazon website for a cheap pair of glasses for your nerd costume party.

There can be many different shapes and sizes – bold plastic and tiny metal frames, small and oversized, truly circle or just slightly rounded. You have to know what suits you most or ask for an advice. Trust your own feelings – sometimes this is the only right thing to do in order not to follow the fashion crowd!