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Enhance Your Feline Fierce with Cat Eye Glasses

Cat eye glasses are oval shaped and tilt upwards slightly at the outward top corners of the rims. This shape looks feline and feminine which is, not surprisingly, how they got their name. When the style first appeared it was not necessarily considered geeky, however as cat eye glasses have become vintage over the years, the style has appeared to be more and more popular with pop-culture nerds.

For Those Who Want to Get Catty

Marilyn Monroe Wearing Cat Eye Glasses

Marilyn Monroe wearing cat eye tinted glasses

The 50s and 60s of the past century were the years when cat eye specs really came to prominence. They became synonymous with the beehive hairstyle and the secretarial look. Audrey Hepburn famously wore them in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” movie. This style eventually evolved into the bug eyed glasses of the 1970s and 80s.

In the 21st century the vintage style of cat eye glasses has returned. This time around, they appeared to be very sleek and a bit more sophisticated than before, with the slick lines that keep all the sharpness of the original cat eye style, but more rounded at the bottom. Their lens shape became softer which gives this type of nerd glasses frames even more of a feminine, elegant feel.

Having said this, there is such a huge variety of frames available today that it is possible to create almost any style with a pair of cat eye glasses. Red or leopard print glasses will show up as bold and sexy, whereas floral pattern can look cute and pretty. No matter how you wear this particular frames, they always emanate sexy intelligence, as cat eye glasses have long been associated with retro secretaries and teachers.

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These specs can also be very glitzy and glamorous as they are commonly found with rhinestones embedded into them. This look is definitely quirky, vintage and bold but can look great teamed with a scarf and with hair tied up. There is also the option of choosing a less bold shape; some of the glasses available on the market today have only a slight hint of the cat eye about them and can be worn as a subtle nod to the style.

Tom Ford Nikita Cat Eye Glasses

Tom Ford “Nikita” glasses

The rounded contour with the flicked up corners will complement people with oval shaped faces very well as cat eye glasses with lend some width to the overall look. This applies to anyone who has thin features. However if you have a triangular shaped face with a wider jawline and a narrow forehead then this style should be avoided as cat eye specs will emphasize this silhouette.

People with a lot of sharp angles to their faces, for example, people who have a much defined jaw bone, may find the gentle curve along the bottom of cat eye glasses can add some soft lines. One the other hand, people who have a very round face may find that more angular style of glasses will suit them better. Cat eye specs are generally flattering as they accentuate cheekbones. The bottom rims of the frame follow the line of the cheek upwards and outwards. They also have a way of lifting the features of the whole face and brightening the eyes.

People Who Rock Cat Eye Glasses on the Red Carpet

Many famous women have made the cat eye their own style over the years, of course starting with Audrey Hepburn. Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Windsor and Mary Whitehouse have all famously worn them, as well as, Barry Humphries as Dame Edna Everage. They are commonly seen on celebrities today and are also very popular with tinted lenses and worn as sunglasses.

Unlike some other specs which originated as sunglasses and then developed into prescription eyewear, they were commonly made as prescription eyewear with clear lenses until Audrey Hepburn sported one of the first pairs of cat eye glasses then. Wearing cat eye glasses as sunglasses therefore is less retro and more currently trendy than wearing cat eye glasses with no tint to them.

Where to Buy Cat Eye Nerd Glasses From?

Tom Ford FT5189 Cat Eye GlassesIt is possible to buy cat eye style glasses from many different eyewear companies and depending on what your budget is you can choose from many different styles or shapes. Online stores like Amazon sell cat eye glasses for every single wallet. You can spend a few dollars on some unbranded glasses as well as a few hundreds on a frame made by Tom Ford, Prada, Oakley or one of the many other eyewear manufacturers.

Cat eye glasses are a great choice for anyone who wants to channel their inner sexy secretary. As well as this, they are a very flattering choice for most face styles and can be feminine and sleek as well as making a bold statement. 60’s fashion is undergoing a revival.

Everything You Need to Know About Wayfarer Glasses

Buddy Holly Wearing Wayfarer Glasses

Buddy Holly rocks Wayfarer glasses

Ray Ban Wayfarer glasses are nothing if not iconic. Born in the 1950’s as sunglasses, they have flattered the many changing faces of fashion throughout the decades, and today they are among the most recognizable glasses on the market. They were originally intended for men as they are typically quite large and angular, however they have grown popular with women too.

Wayfarer glasses have a broad upper rim that is made of plastic and goes out to a point (sometimes called “wings”). The original Wayfarers were sunglasses and had a black rim to match the dark lens color, and although this style is still popular as a timeless, go-to pair of sunglasses, today Wayfarers are found in almost any size and shape, to use as sunglasses, as vision correcting spectacles or even just as a fashion statement.

Back to the History of Wayfarers

The first Wayfarer glasses, introduced in 1956, were completely different to anything that had been seen before in eyewear designs of the time. Unlike the reformed style we are familiar with today, original Wayfarers looked almost like horn-rimmed glasses, with a large upward curve of the frame at the outward edges. At that time, the design was revolutionary. Ray Ban Wayfarers were new and incredibly stylish, and this was reflected in the wearers of the glasses. They became standard fare for Hollywood stars of the age such as Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, who needed a functional yet good-looking pair of sunglasses to shade themselves from all that Californian sun!

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Throughout the 60s, Wayfarer glasses became more and more fashionable, their popularity buoyed up by their association with fame, glitz and glamour. Perhaps due to their versatility, Wayfarers appealed to a very wide audience and so no typical demographic appeared. Everyone from the rich and famous to students, artists and business people were wearing the Wayfarer glasses.

Wayfarer Pillows

Photo Credit: Wicker Paradise

Despite two slumps in popularity in the 70s (they may have died out altogether if it weren’t for a $50,000 product placement deal in the 80s which made the prominence of Wayfarers in films and TV impossible to ignore) and the 90s (when wraparound sunglasses threatened to take over the style completely), the Wayfarer style of glasses kept coming back.

In the early 2000’s the style underwent a drastic remodel, and the style popular today is smaller and more angular than the original design. Now with the benefit of many different shapes and colors, and the easy availability of Wayfarer-style glasses from many different eyewear companies, there is a pair to suit everyone, no matter your budget, face shape or taste.

Wayfarers – Not Just the Sunglasses

Whilst the Wayfarer style is still a hugely attractive choice for people wanting to buy sunglasses, nowadays this shape is the most popular type of nerd glasses, thanks to classy subtle curves that make them look smart and fashionable at the same time. For that reason, hipsters that praise everything vintage could not overlook Wayfarer glasses too!

Wayfarer glasses without the tint are a really good option for a pair of glasses which will be flattering as well as making a statement. They can be fun and quirky and are always cool, so if this is the impression you want to give then these are the glasses for you!

The ever developing technology of lens and frame production means that frames these days are a lot lighter than for example, the frames used for the original Wayfarers, which means it is possible to emulate the original style at a fraction of the weight. Glasses have never been more comfortable to wear.

Are Wayfarer Nerd Glasses for You?

Dog Wearing Wayfarers

Photo Credit: MrDerk

As already mentioned, Wayfarers are a very versatile style of glasses, and they are available in many different variations so there is sure to be something that suits you. This style will particularly suit face shapes which have a larger jaw as it can balance out the face. If you have this type of face (a square face, round or triangular that tapers out to the bottom of the face) then a pair of Wayfarers in a dark color such as black or brown will provide width around the eyes and forehead area and create a more balanced impression. For those with a heart shaped face or an inverse triangle shape (with a wide forehead) then it may be that a pair of Wayfarer glasses in a lighter color will suit you better. It is not necessary to emphasize the width around the eyes for people with this face shape so if the glasses are lighter, smaller and more subtle then it is possible to wear the style without creating an imbalanced face appearance.

For an up to date look, invest in a pair of red or white glasses, or experiment with patterns for example a tribal pattern. One of the coolest and boldest ways to wear this style is oversized – it can look strange if you have a pair of glasses that are too small for your face. This isn’t an exact science though, the bigger the better! Wayfarers are an opportunity to make a statement with your eyewear and can be teamed with many different looks.

Celebrities Who Rock Wayfarer Nerd Glasses

Ray Ban Wayfarer GlassesWayfarer glasses have been made famous over and over again by many different stars throughout the years. In the 50s and 60s they were worn by everyone from movie stars to musicians including Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan and James Dean. It hardly seems coincidence that in the same year 360 000 pairs of the sunglasses were sold. Throughout the 80s big names continued to make the style their own, Madonna, Debbie Harry (from Blondie) and Michael Jackson being just a few of the star studded list.

There are many eyewear companies that make their own versions of the Wayfarer style, so it is possible to get your hands on a pair no matter what your budget is. Admittedly, owning a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers is really special and if you go with this brand you will pay for the quality as well as the cool factor. Ray Ban have been expanding on their Wayfarer designs so there are now several different models to try and more exciting colors than ever before – what are you waiting for?

Types of Nerd Glasses

Have you ever wondered what style defines glasses as geeky? A limited choice of style you may think! Well, have I got a surprise for you…

There’s actually seven, YES, 7 types of nerd glasses so that’s a great choice of styles from which to choose from. Now let’s dive in and explore them all to find that perfect pair which suits you by considering your features and aiming to accentuate the shape of your face. It’s by knowing these different styles that will give you the power to determine which one suits you most.

Nerd Glasses Visual Comparison Guide

Amazon Wayfarer GlassesWayfarer Nerd Glasses

Nerd glasses cannot be discussed without Wayfarers. You may remember seeing film or news reels of the Rock 'n' Roll legend Buddy Holly wearing his beloved Wayfarers. They still are a stylish accessory worn by the fashionistas today. Wayfarers became popular in the 1950s and the best thing about them is that they look good on both men and women. Wayfarers seem to be the most popular style among glasses which has turned it into a foundation of trendy eyewear over the years. Some people even go to the extent of adding a small piece of tape around the frame right between the eyes to give an impression of being “hard at work”
Amazon Clark Kent GlassesClark Kent Glasses

Remember the iconic Clark Kent and how he popularized glasses? Even if this particular style of choice is less trendy, these glasses are not that unusual because of their pop culture connotations. They border a bit closer to the true nerd legacy and have no associations whatsoever to hipsters and bad boys. They are more close to home with reporters and the nerdy crowd, sometimes suggesting unique hidden powers
Amazon Browline GlassesBrowline Glasses

If you’re still unsure about Wayfarers, there’s also a semi-rimless frame type that can accentuate your style and flatter the shape your face. This type is suitable for both men and women, however, they lean more towards the men's side. Malcolm X used to own several pairs, each in different colors
Amazon Cat Eye GlassesCat Eye Nerd Glasses

Who isn't familiar with cat eye glasses? These have a distinct shape and are considered to be very suitable for women. They have a timeless iconic style that has withstood the test of time in the sense of fashion. In fact, they originate all the way back to the 1940s. Their name comes from a unique shape, wherein the frame curves into pointed bold edges on the outer tips, highlighting a feline look. Women from all around the world wanted to replicate the look of Audrey Hepburn after she wore a pair of cat eye glasses in the famous film "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
Amazon Gazelle GlassesGazelle Glasses

Even younger people are picking up on this particular shape nowadays. This style is identified by the larger lenses compared to regular glasses. They have been in and out of fashion since the 1980s, and have a bigger appeal towards the elderly, hence the bigger lenses. The square frame gives the wearer a comical appearance and the trend took over when the Run DMC crew wore them as part of a uniform. Even if they look good on women, they are typically worn by men
Amazon Rectangle GlassesRectangle Glasses

You cannot go wrong by choosing rectangle glasses for daily wear. They are stylish and can bring out the librarian-sexy-secretary vibe that is undeniably alluring. These specs are designed to portray a more modern and minimalist look that is more symmetric
Amazon Round GlassesRound Nerd Glasses

Blame it on Harry Potter and John Lennon, but these glasses are considered to provide a nerdy look also, and have increased in popularity within the past decade. They are thought to boost your intelligence and allure when you want to present yourself as smart and responsible. Since designers seem to ignore this shape, you might have to spend more time looking for them, especially if you require prescription lenses to go along with them

We suggest you to explore each individual type along with its history and recent trend movements. You can even try them all to see which nerd glasses frames create that unique look you were waiting for!


Round Glasses: From Cardinal Hugh to Harry Potter

We have always been surrounded by everything round! Just think a minute… the eyes we look through to the world around us, the sun and the moon in the sky. There is something special about the shape itself: one is having no sides so that most people find it universal, complete, intelligent, and symbolic at the same time. And as eyeglasses go, it must have been the most appropriate shape for an invention too.

From the first round monocle lenses to the present round glasses, from being functional to a being stylish and unique, round specs are here to stay!

Going Back to the History of Round Glasses

Portrait of the Dominican Cardinal Wearing Glasses

Portrait of the Dominican Cardinal painted by Tomaso da Modena in 1352

Round specs have been presented for a long time, ever since the ability to manufacture them was discovered in the early 13th century. One of the reasons why round eyeglasses have been identified with the image of being learned, literate and intellectual is because they were commonly used by those with the most need for them – monks. Back in the good old days, reading and writing manuscripts were their daily tasks.

The earliest visual record of not just glasses but round ones can be found in the portrait of Cardinal Hugh of Saint-Cher (1352) created by Tommaso da Modena. Since then, more and more people have found eyeglasses very useful both for reading and writing. The preference for round shape was not just dictated by the fashion, but more by the functionality and the practical ease in making round lenses. Don’t forget and respect to the technology of those days when compared to our present capabilities.

Get Your Own Pair of Round Nerd Glasses from Amazon

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Later on the world of fashion found a place for eyeglasses as not merely for function but also for form and style. Coupled with the ability to commercially manufacture other shapes, the round eyeglasses took a backstage, paving the way for other new styles. Yet despite the changes, round specs have never been out of fashion, their identity as a sign of intellectual circles have been generally assumed and accepted.

Rock Your Look with a Pair of Round Nerd Glasses

Round Glasses of John Lennon

Famous glasses of John Lennon
Photo Credit: Steve

Round specs were highly popular accessory in the 60s and 70s. However, they remain trendy even in present days – thanks to the influence created by John Lennon glasses that remains quite strong as it was decades ago! People will always be attracted by iconic simplicity in function and form of the round shape model.

Given the soft curve of round eyeglasses, they find a perfect fit with those who have square faces, contrasting and thus highlighting the straight outlines. You can play with the shape of the bridge too: straight one rather than curved and you can get a totally different look! Try to find a right balance between the size of you face and the frame’s diameter.

Another challenge is to match eyeframe to your skin tone and the color of your eyes and hair. Generally speaking, all of us have either cool (blue) or warm (yellow) skin undertone. One suggestion is, if you want to reinforce your natural look, go for colored frames that are similar to your own “palette”. Choosing a contrasting tone creates more dramatic effect. Some examples of warm colors are: gold, coral, peach and warm blue. For cool coloring, check frames that are black, silver, pink or jade.

Round eyeglasses project a wide variety of images for its owners: elegant, classy and intellectual, not to mention being geeky, hip and retro, among others! For this reason, round eyeglasses is the choice for many fashionistas, and will continue to rock the stage for many years to come.

Shopping Tips: Know Your Seller

Ray-Ban Phantos GlassesRound nerd glasses are not that easy to find these days! However you can always explore Amazon website for a cheap pair of glasses for your nerd costume party.

There can be many different shapes and sizes – bold plastic and tiny metal frames, small and oversized, truly circle or just slightly rounded. You have to know what suits you most or ask for an advice. Trust your own feelings – sometimes this is the only right thing to do in order not to follow the fashion crowd!

Clark Kent Glasses: Lending Superhero Charm to Superhero Style

While the hearts of thousands seemed to freeze in anticipation of “Man of Steel” movie release, there was a hot discussion going on around the new superhero’s style, in particular, famous Clark Kent glasses. Let us catch the beginning of this story and discover this particular type of geeky eyewear.

Where Does Superman Glasses Trend Come From?

Taking off Clark Kent Glasses

Revealing Superman’s costume
Photo Credit: istolethetv

Clark Kent is a fictional character created for comic books by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster as the alternate identity of Superman. First appeared in DC Comics in 1938 Clark became a truly iconic figure in American culture, increasing his popularity over the decades. Many of you can still recognise the famous “S” emblem along with the classic Superman’s costume that emphasizes an extra-masculine strength of a hero. Trying hard to be “an average guy” Clark hides his true identity under the bookish glasses to disguise as a well-mannered reporter on The Daily Planet newspaper.

Named after its extraordinary wearer, Clark Kent glasses are still popular both with Superhero’s fans and average fashionistas around the globe. Although there were so many types of specs described as Superhero’s ones (take, for example, Wayfarers), usually, these are just of a simple squarish frame design, giving you an impression of a true gentleman.

Get Your Own Pair of Clark Kent Glasses from Amazon

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Ever since everything retro started making waves in the fashion world, many people returned to Clark Kent glasses to recall their memories. Undeniably, Superman’s glasses have a nostalgic appeal that has always been so attractive.

Can I Wear Clark Kent Glasses?

Clark Ken Glasses For You

Bold and bookish Clark Kent frame
Photo Credit: Alexandre Normand

These types of glasses have a shape that is slightly similar to aviators but edgier, whimsical and admittedly classy. They are great for oval faces – thanks to well-balanced proportions. Blackish frames can go well with any dark outfit. Also don’t forget that dark frames are considered to be the best to complement medium to fair skin tones whereas light coloured frames favour darker shades.

Anyone wearing Superman Specs will definitely appear mysterious and geeky at the same time. Sometimes it’s better not to follow the rules but to listen to your own gut feeling. Try to experiment with different shapes and colours to define your own unique style!

Just like Clark Kent, wearing similar frame styles can help you achieve a smart and mild-mannered personality. You can wear them with or without prescriptions, but favourable responses won’t take long.

Clark Kent Look: Getting Your Number One Accessory

Still wondering if you can get a pair of famous powerful glasses? I have good news and bad news. Which would you like to hear first? Ok, let’s start from good one! Working in collaboration with Warner Brosers, famous eyewear manufacturer Warby Parker released two exclusive Clark Kent-inspired frames called “Chamberlain” and “Percey”, both were available on their website and retail stores for just $95. Exactly – they WERE available, but sold like hot cakes! We have just seen one pair selling on ebay for nearly $500, perhaps waiting for a Superman enthusiast.

If you are just looking for a cheap alternative of Superman’s glasses for one of “to-be-remembered” costume parties, you can simply order a pair of super-specs from Amazon website. Those have good reviews and will definitely withstand the pressure of Superhero’s civilian responsibilities and cover you in glory.