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Google Glass: Nerdy Gadget or Fashion Accessory?

Sergey Brin Wears Google GlassGoogle Glass emerged like a futuristic game-changer in April of 2014. Wearers walk with strange gadgets on their faces — just like actual glasses — and communicate with their face-computer with basic, natural commands. What a joke — you say!

These glasses display information like a sort of smart phone on the screens, allowing wearers to look up information, take pictures, or download directions — with no hands. A slight tap on the side of the glass further allows more utilization. For example, sliding “backwards” command allows users to see current, real-time events. They can view the traffic situation or the current weather. A swipe “forward” shows the past events: phone calls made, photographs taken, etc.

Despite some current objections from confused spectators — people who think that constant “hidden cameras” are quite dangerous and obtrusive — Google Glass has been seen as one of the premier new technologies of the decade. It has been named one of the best inventions of the past few years. And it is, truly, changing the ways in which people operate their lives.

Supercharged Glasses: the Right to Exist

Current Google Glass designs are modern-looking, like a new-age Star Trek model. However, most recently, Google has partnered with an Italian eyewear company Luxottica that owns fashion-forward brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley. Most definitely, they’ll have the ability to supercharge Google Glass into the fashion world. But does it belong there?

There is, of course, the issue of ‘nerd’-ism. Current years have brought an upswing of wearing glasses for simple joy of — well, looking like a nerd or hipster for the sake of it. Past decades of the nickname “four eyes” have flipped on their head, allowing these same four-eyed people to be the true fashion-forward folks in the greater, cultural landscape. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Ryan Gosling, and Brad Pitt all don thick-rimmed glasses — appearing literary, smart, and, of course, fashionable.

Google GlassSome of these four-eyed people from grade school grew up to create Google Glass — that much is for certain. And they’ve produced something that, at least pre-relationship with Luxottica, makes people look like super-nerds — not chic.

Sure, Google Glass is proclaimed as the next big thing of the future. But can people really assimilate it into their lives if it, essentially, makes them look like big robot-speaking morons? After all — people avoid tons of things because that thing might make them look like idiots. For example, men might agree that a Prius would be better for the environment, would be better for their gas-saving endeavours. Except for one thing: these same men might feel that a Prius isn’t masculine enough to be a car they would own. They’d be better off with a truck, thank you very much. Regardless of anything’s benefits, if it doesn’t make us look cool — we don’t want anything to do with it.

Therefore, how will Google Glass assimilate into the regular-wearing world without its fashionable uptake? We suppose their recent partnership with Luxottica will help. However, it won’t take them far if they don’t find fashionable nerds wearing them. Horn-rimmed, thick-frame glasses jumped back into style with the surge of celebrities — like Brad Pitt and Victoria Beckham. But with Google Glass still living in the realm of ugly, the future doesn’t look bright.

Isabelle Olsson Made Google Glass BeautifulDesigner Diane von Furstenberg, however, has recently brought her talents and purpose to the Google Glass community. In the 70s, she nearly single-handedly matched the wrap dress with women’s liberation — thus proclaiming her stance as an able-bodied woman who knows what should be hip.

Von Furstenberg’s glasses range from classic cat-eye frames to 80s aviators. Starting in June 2014, she began offering her specs with the Google Glass inclusion, thus bringing a few shades from nerdy to luxurious.

When asked about Google Glass, von Furstenberg said that it seems like a natural extension of the various other technologies currently on the market. We’ve extended the simple flip phone to an all-out computer; and for the people who have been wearing glasses their entire lives — like Diane herself — Google Glass is simply another level of utilization.

She further adds that wearing Google Glass and looking “up” to find information instead of “down” at your phone is empowering. Slouching to look at your phone promotes negativity, while standing straight up allows you an intimate feeling of positivity — which is, in a sense, infinitely fashionable.

Going beyond the Fashion

Surgeons Review of Google Glass in the Operating RoomDespite its struggle to burst into the regular-use, fashionable world, Google Glass is finding its way. For example, The Atletico Madrid assistant coach, German Burgos, wore Google Glass during his team’s 2-0 win against Getafe. He received current statistics through his gadget and was able to make better play decisions.

Furthermore, young children at the Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston were able to utilize the Google Glass to take a tour of the local zoo. With the vision directly in their eyes, they could imagine themselves more readily in the zoo landscape.

Regardless of your stance on Google Glass, it seems it’s finding its way into the future — both on the nerd fashion side and the technological, life-enhancement spheres. Time will tell.

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Horn Rimmed Glasses: The Way Nature Made It

Mr. Bennet aka HRG

Mr. Bennet, also known as “Horn-Rimmed Glasses” (aka HRG)

Going back to the old traditions in eyewear crafting, we are coming back to the horn that was heavily used by the Inuits to protect their eyes. No other material feels warmer than the touch of buffalo horn. We know that!

And what we want is to have something natural touching our skin rather than synthetically manufactured. This article will uncover the history behind the most sought after eyewear in the world introducing famous designers working with this precious material.

How It Is All Started

The trend has started right from the 1917 after famous comedian Harold Lloyd wore horn rims in his short movie “Over the Fence”. These specs seemed to be so special in the sense of their bold appearance they were giving in comparison to metal frames popular those days. So special, that people started ordering them from local opticians straight after their appearance on the big screen.

Later on, a variant of horn-rimms, browline glasses, became one of the defining eyeglass styles of the 40s and 50s. Their design combined the aesthetics of horn-rimmed glasses with the stability of metal frames by fitting prominent plastic “brows” over the tops of metal frames, creating a distinctive look that was also sturdier than solid horn or plastic frames.

Rigards Craftsmanship

Photo Courtesy of Rigards

Traditionally, horn eyewear has been a custom made product sold only in luxury optical boutiques at prices close to the earning level of an average employee. The main reason is the high value of horn itself. Second – the crafting process that requires enormous experience and dedication of the most skilled worker.

Nevertheless, designers overcame all those problems by using different plastics to imitate the texture and color pattern of the original material. That allowed them to satisfy the growing needs of their customers. Today, we have a broad choice of eyewear available: from tortoiseshell acetate frames to traditional horn, to satisfy any client and every wallet.

Advantages of Horn Rimmed Glasses Frames

Although designers can benefit from the new technologies that can duplicate the texture and colors of natural horn and tortoiseshell materials, there are a few features that cannot be replaced by any means:

  • horn frames are hypo-allergenic that makes them perfect for people whose skin reacts to certain materials;
  • frames made of horn do not produce static electricity;
  • horn eyewear is lightweight yet amazingly strong;
  • they clear away the heat and cool the blood detoxification;
  • each frame is one of a kind like a fingerprint;
  • horn glasses frames adapt to its owner’s face and can last a lifetime.

Get Your Own Pair of Tortoiseshell / Horn Nerd Glasses from Amazon

Ray Ban RX5154
Tortoiseshell Glasses
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Manufacturing Process and Its Challenges

It worth pointing out, there are just a few manufacturers that have a capacity and the skill required to transform the horn into the luxury eyewear. Each frame is peace of art and requires a very special care during the long process of carving and polishing. Cracks are inevitable if the rules are not followed with a great attention to details, especially when inserting the lens.

To achieve its even surface, the horn goes through several stages of traditional polishing methods and comes out shiny. The actual pattern varies from light beige and multicolored brown shades to deep black. Due to unique palette of horns, almost all of the frames are mixed in color.

When ordering glasses, you pick the actual slice of horn from many rectangular slices presented to you for consideration. The final sketch, your measurements and the slice chosen are then sent to a special lab where the lens is being sharpened specifically to fit the frames. Unfortunately, horn is always trying to retain its original shape which is flat. For that own reason, you are not able to choose every design for your horn frames. Many people see this as a great disadvantage.

Present Trends and Collections

Genuine Horn

Photo Courtesy of Rigards

These days horn rimmed eyewear enjoying another peak of their popularity, thanks to a great influence from the hipster’s sub-culture. Some fashionistas wear their specs without prescriptive lenses, merely as a fashion statement. The style earned even more fame due to the popularity of American show “Heroes” where one of the main characters, Noah Bennet, is known as “Horn Rimmed Glasses” or “HRG”.

If you want your own pair of horn rims, we have selected below top 3 eyewear designers to satisfy your appetite. The prices are varying as well as the service, thus offering you an option that is just right for your budget.

  • Penn Avenue Eyewear (prices around $249 per pair) – the company was able to offer the luxurious eyewear to mainstream consumers by working closely with their selected horn suppliers. Furthermore, Penn Avenue has launched its special “try at home” program that will enable you to preview up to five frames and make your selection at convenience of your own home. Well done, PAE!
  • Rigards (priced around $765 mark per pair) – the collaboration between two friends, both passionate collectors of glasses and supporters and supporters of organic approach to designing eyewear. Each pair of glasses is carefully handcrafted by a single artisan from horns that are ethically sourced from small farms in Africa.
  • TD Tom Davies (prices vary between $1,000 and $1,700 per pair) – each of the TD horn frames can be offered with the truly bespoke service through a number of registered opticians. As a result, you get the frames that are tailored to your own individual features and needs. Worth the price, but not everyone is able to pay that much!

Set the Mood with a Pair of Browline Glasses

Browline Vintage Glasses

Malcolm X and his famous style

The 50s seems an age of fashion do’s and don’ts: DO get a little flashy in those polkadots, DO listen to Rock ‘n’ Roll (against your parents wishes, of course), and DON’T leave the house without your poodle skirt, your leather jacket, or your browline glasses.

The style has been associated with cat ladies, old, snarly men, perhaps the flashy hipster style trying to flip everything fashionable we know from the past onto its head. But at one time, browlines were the only glasses to have. You wouldn’t be caught dead without them.

Previously, no technology was available which could design glasses with less than a full frame. However, with the technique called “drill mounting”, the lens was held in place with only half a rim, thus making lightweight, sleek glasses instantly fashionable.

What is So Special About Browline Glasses?

The famous distinctive frames consist of a broad, stark upper frame: originally made of plastic and stemming down to a thin metal beneath. The top imitates a thick, serious eyebrow. The style was invented by Shuron Ltd. vice-president, Jack Rohrbach in 1947. He allowed the glasses to be completely customizable with interchangeable bridges, wires, and “brows.” Therefore, in this age of blossoming individuality, people could identify their own size, fit and color of frames. The look exploded from its initial release: multiple companies began creating their own brand of browline eyewear.

Get Your Own Pair of Browline Frames from Amazon

Browline Nerd GlassesAmazon RatingPrice* 
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By the mid-fifties, there were six leading companies spitting out Browlines for the masses: Shuron, the original, Art-Craft Optical, Victory Optical, American Optical, and Bausch and Lomb. With fifty-percent of the population donning the frames, it seemed an unbeatable style. Celebrities began appearing with these serious brows: Malcolm X is famous for his browline style, as is Colonel Sanders — the Kentucky Fried Chicken man, Vince Lombardi, and a good passel of others.

Browline Glasses

Photo Credit: Tristan Bowers

But just as suddenly as the style grew to popularity, it was rejected. The browline-d poodle skirted generation grew up, had kids, and became the subject of refusal for the new generation — just as they had rejected the generation before them (just as we generally reject scrunchies and mysterious 80s and 90s wear).

The sixties and seventies became an age of the hippie clash movement. This culture opted for the thicker, plastic frames: frames allowing more individuality, more shapes and sizes. The browline glasses became association with a dead idea, a racist-behind-the-times generation, and many companies began to halt production. The browlines were seen as a “stand” against a new way, against a resurgence of fresh ideas. No one wanted to be associated with that.

Fortunately, the 80s brought a breath a fresh air to the style. After Bruce Willis famously donned the frames in sunglass form, Ray Ban created their own style called the “Clubmasters”: the original name of the men’s Art-Rim browlines from thirty years before. The sunglasses took off and became the third most popular frames of the decade.

The quiet growth of the style continued. The 2000’s brought a new television show “Mad Men”, which garnered a new view to the age of the browline glasses: the 50s and 60s generation was a sexy one, one taking risks, putting the past behind it. And the show has been hailed for its marvellous fashion, the way it uses color — the fact that it is a piece of moving, historic art. The men and women don time-appropriate browlines and “talk back” to the future generations of rejection. “We are cool. We are what is hip, what has always been hip,” they seem to assure us.

And the hipster subculture has embraced this sentiment. Browlines have been re-instituted into acceptable, young styles. Because the vintage look is blossoming right now — ringlet curls swirl from flat crowns, longer, polkadot dresses adorn young women — it is the right time for the resurgence.

Where to Find the Best Browline Frames?

Ray Ban Clubmaster GlassesIf you are searching for the perfect pair of browlines, a good place to start is Amazon website. It is easy to compare glasses in this medium and many websites selling prescription glasses have a much larger selection than what you might find in a shop.

Shuron Ltd, the principle creators of the style, never halted production and offers several different colors. But they wouldn’t be here, certainly, if not for the flipped sentiment, the remembrance and romanticism of glasses-past. The past seems sweeter, now. Fashion forward hipsters everywhere slip thick, plastic slots over their own expressive eyebrows, view the past through rose-tinted frames.

All in One: Hip Hop, Hipsters and Gazelle Glasses

No style of glasses has more history and a bigger association with the 80s American hip hop scene than Gazelle type. The original designer, Cari Zalloni, came from Austria and created the brand called Cazal in the early 80s by combining the first letters of his first and second name (nifty, huh?). His specs became an instant hit in America, where eyewear was starting to be used for fashion rather than for a purely functional basis for the first time ever.

Cari Zalloni and His Famous Cazal Brand

Run DMC Cazal Glasses

Run DMC Hip Hop Group and famous Cazal glasses

Cari Zalloni declared his quest to create “minimalist eyewear”, and judging by the popularity that the Cazal style has enjoyed throughout the years, he definitely succeeded. The oversized, square shape and brash gold rims of Cazal glasses made them hugely successful with artists and followers of the rap scene. Famously, Run DMC’s Darryl McDaniels wore them and this was one of the factors that upgraded the status of Cazal’s from merely cool to iconic. In 80s anyone who wanted to call themselves a hipster needed to own a pair of these glasses.

The style worn by Darryl McDaniels is known as “east coast” Cazals and they are oversized with a squared off bottom. In the past, wearing glasses was seen as a merely a functional necessity for people who needed to correct their vision. American rap artists were wearing glasses out of choice, and not only that but making them look great as well.

Get Your Own Pair of Gazelle Nerd Glasses from Amazon

Gazelle Nerd GlassesAmazon RatingPrice* 
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Another type of Cazal eyewear was seen on MC Hammer and earned a nickname of “west coast” Cazals. These glasses were made up of only one lens instead of two, and although the lenses got thinner to fit around the nose, there was no bridge.

Jay Z Wearing Cazal Glasses

Jay Z wearing Cazal glasses

The glasses were incredibly expensive back then, and it was common for trendy accessories like this to be stolen. Indeed, in 1985 a group called the Cazal Boys released a single named “Snatching Cazals” in respect of this. These glasses became deeply embedded in the hipster culture and became so much more than just a style of nerd glasses.

More recently, knock offs of the original Cazal glasses have been springing up, and now the style is generally known as Gazelle. Gazelle glasses are the choice for anyone who thinks that wearing glasses is not just about functionality, but also an important part of style. The original vintage Cazal glasses can sell for four figure sums, so without a doubt it is important to consider price when buying a pair of those. In many cases, different brands producing similar looking glasses are just as good as Cazal, but offering eyewear for just a fraction of a price of branded glasses!

The original Cazal glasses came in several different varieties, each with their own cultural background from different places in America, and this is what makes them so famous.

How to Wear Gazelle Glasses

The good thing about Gazelle glasses is that they are very versatile and will suit anyone who is willing to fully incorporate the glasses into their style. One of the key features about them being over-sized is that it is possible to tailor the glasses to look right on any face shape.

For example, if you have wide features then you should seek as large pair of Gazelle’s as possible. For people with narrow faces, you may look a bit swamped by a pair of overly large glasses so you should choose a pair of mid-range size, but that will still appear over-sized for people with smaller features. With the development of new, more lightweight materials it is now possible to have the same glasses but much lighter and more comfortable to wear.

For Real Nerds Only!

Cazal 607Gazelle glasses have quite a vintage look, and so have become a great option for creating a nerd image. If you are thinking about buying a pair of Gazelle glasses to look nerdy, then the Cazal 607 are a very popular model to choose. They are the type of glasses that Jay Z is never seen without. The frames are large and squarish, with round corners and a thick black frame, with some gold detailing on the edges of the frames where they connect to the arms.

A pair of the same frames in a bolder color like white will help to steer away from the nerdish look and give you an impression of a hipster!

Gazelle glasses are all about style and making a bold statement. This style is inextricably linked with its remarkable history and this is one of the factors that makes this style of glasses so iconic.

Rock the Symmetry with a Pair of Rectangle Glasses

Squared off corners on the frames of glasses is one of the later developments in frame styles. Originally, rounded and oval shaped lenses were the only ones available. However, since their invention in the 1830s, rectangle glasses have always been popular among people who require eyewear to correct their vision.

Why Choose Rectangle Nerd Glasses for Daily Wear?

Tag Heuer Rectangular Glasses

Tag Heuer rectangular glasses

Large angular specs with a silver or gold metal frames is a distinguished look that has been favored by men for many years, but it is now possible to buy smaller rectangular glasses in a variety of different styles, many with a young, fresh and edgy look to them. This development has rejuvenated the style and these glasses are now much more versatile than they used to be.

Consequently, the style is now popular with men and women, young and old alike. One of the best reasons to choose squared frames is the fact that they always look fashionable, and you can select the right glasses to suit your own personal style. Glasses are increasingly a way to make a statement about yourself and your character, and with rectangular specs you can choose a look that suits you without having to worry about looking old-fashioned and out of date.

One of the very current trends in rectangle shaped glasses is ultra-narrow. This means that the lenses are relatively small, and are not as tall as the lenses in other styles. These sharp, angular glasses will give a very slick, stylish look. They should be bought in a dark, neutral color such as brown or black to capitalize on the sophisticated look. At the other end of the scale, a pair of over-sized rectangular frames made of black-colored plastic and are some of the best glasses around.

Get Your Own Pair or Rectangle Glasses from Amazon

Rectangle Nerd GlassesAmazon RatingPrice* 
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Another fashionable way to wear rectangular glasses is to opt for a pair of thick rimmed rectangle nerd glasses. This style will give you a very contemporary and sultry look. If you want to fully embrace the style then you should choose a dark plastic frame in a color such as dark red or brown, or if you feel that you would like a less extreme look then it is possible to choose a lighter shade, or even a pattern. In this case, the shape of the frame would give a sultry impression, whereas the choice of color may suggest a fun and quirky personality.

Glasses as Expressive as You

If you have a round or oval shaped face then this pointy shape will help to balance out the soft lines of your face and create definition. The narrow style will also make your face look slimmer and longer. As a general rule, the shape of your face should contrast with the shape of your glasses, so this makes rectangular glasses a natural choice for people with softer, more circular faces.

If you have a heart shaped face, then squared specs again may be a good option for you. People with heart shaped faces tend to have a wide forehead and a smaller, narrower chin and a pair of relatively large rectangular glasses can nicely balance out this uneven face shape.

If you have an oval face then there are many options open to you regarding eyewear. Oval is a relatively neutral shape and so it is quite easy to pull off many different styles. People with oval faces can experiment with narrow rectangular shape, or wider larger frames of the same silhouette. However, even if you have a naturally very sharp face with well-defined cheekbones or an angular jawbone, it is possible to buy rectangular looking glasses that will nevertheless flatter your face.

There are many styles of rectangular specs for sale which are slightly rounded at the corners, and this detracts from the sharp appearance. The lens therefore may be squared in shape, but the frame has softer lines around the corners which takes a lot of sharpness away from the overall look of the frame. This means that people with angular faces can also pull off the style of wearing rectangular glasses as well as adding in some softer lines to balance out their sharply lined face.

The Glasses for All-Rounder

Ray Ban RX5206 glassesThe shape of the rectangle glasses means that they are very versatile and they are commonly used for many different types of glasses. Firstly, they can be adapted into reading eyewear. If a narrow lens is used then it is possible to look over the top of the lens when viewing something in the distance, then look downwards to read something. Furthermore, sunglasses and prescription glasses are commonly found in rectangle shapes.

From a practical point of view, rectangle glasses can be much shorter in height than other prescription glasses of different shapes, so if you choose a pair of those to correct your eyesight then you may find your field of vision is slightly smaller than other styles you are used to. However, once your eyes have adjusted to this change then there will be no negative effect on your eyesight.

Rectangle glasses are a stylish answer to your vision needs. They can be elegant, classic, fun, quirky or anything in between. Happy eyewear hunting!