How Nerd Glasses Frames Can Help You With a Job Interview

Wearing Glasses For An Interview

Photo Credit: Samuel Mann

Have you got a job interview coming up in the nearest future? All you need is to look smarter to impress your potential boss from the moment you are stepping into his office. Although we cannot help you with the knowledge and skills required for that particular role, there is one simple trick that can boost your chances of success.

You will be surprised to know that job hunters are more likely to be employed if they wear glasses for their interview! According to the recent study by College of Optometrist, people with glasses are usually regarded as more professional, more intelligent, more trustworthy, and even more honest than those without specs.

Let us explain where this stereotype is coming from.

Man, It Is All Down To Old Values

Perhaps it is due to the way the smart people were pictured in the books, movies or even cartoons. You will recall that the “must-have attribute” of any nerdy character is a pair of thick frame glasses. Despite the popularity of contact lenses, people in the 21st century still have their old values, which are not fading away that easy.

Even when there may be various reasons that brought people to wear spectacles, the society well believes it is all due to an excessive reading and study that affected their eyesight. Although there is no valid proof of this link, the truth is, people with glasses are still associated with teachers or librarians aka bookworms. Thus, there is a high chance you may be regarded as one of them if you wear specs.

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A Few Words About Psychology Around Nerd Glasses Frames

The task number one for any boss is to employ the smart and professional member of staff. Any potential candidate will be assessed through a prism of unique values of that particular interviewer. Although everyone says they do not judge one another by the look, the truth is, they do! It is all down to elementary psychology! Somehow on the subconscious level, the employer is selecting people wearing glasses as they are giving an impression of being trustworthy.

On another side, some people change their behavior completely when putting on eyeglasses; sometimes they even become more confident. And confidence is regarded as one of the key elements of success. You may not have all the skills required for the position in question, but your confidence will speak for yourself sharply increasing your chances to perform well.

So, if smart glasses can boost your chances of being selected for the job you are hunting, why not to wear them?

Give the Right Impression With the Right Pair of Glasses

Wearing Glasses For Work

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Beware, not every pair of glasses will be advantageous to your outfit. It all depends on what kind of role you are applying for. For all sort of artistic jobs you may well consider any goofy, funky and bulky specs – nothing wrong with that, since being creative is a part of your life and work. However this rule does not apply for the rest.

Any office job requires great attention to details and high level of responsibility. It is unlikely that your potential employer will approve your hipster’s look. Try to stay neutral with a pair of glasses that look smart and presentable, especially when meetings and presentations are among your daily tasks. The rule is: the less the better. Try to impress your potential employer with your skills instead of your broad knowledge in fashion.

The final verdict is… eyeglasses allow you to create a positive first impression. Even if you have 20-20 sight, there is no harm done if you consider wearing clear lens glasses for your upcoming interview. At the end of the day, there is nothing to loose, but to gain!